Written November 29, 2016     

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# 1. 11/29/16 7:57 AM
Since Lovely Warren became mayor, I have left Rochester out of my regular itinerary, so I really have no opinion on who should be the mayor anymore.

# 2. 11/29/16 10:09 AM by fgffgf - Rochester
I'm not optimistic for any Mayor of Rochester. For me it comes down to who is likely to do the least amount of stupid things like the Fast Ferry or eliminating the inner loop that has made my drive home longer and had my window broken from flying stones. I think Shepard might not do things that hurt the RPD. Lovely might not narrow the streets to slow down traffic like I can imagine Rachel might. I can still remember the 1980's 2 year reconstruction of Main Street . By the time it finished many of the stores had already closed.

# 3. 11/29/16 10:47 AM by Carl - Wyne West
The city is dead no matter who gets wins.

# 4. 11/29/16 4:46 PM by Paul Kingsley - Rochester, NY
"her background and temperament don’t suggest she has" Umm, Mr. Lonsberry, what is your evidence with the comment about temperament? What is her temperament, IYHO, and why is it not appropriate for mayor?

# 5. 11/29/16 9:43 PM
Is this about politics, guns, or sex?

# 6. 11/30/16 8:03 AM - Fairport, NY
thumbsdown.gif You left out Molly Clifford. She's been angling for this job for some time. Oversight?

Editor's Note: molly wants to be deputy mayor, the power behind the sheppard throne

# 7. 11/30/16 11:35 PM by dave
Lovely seems to treat the mayorship more of a ceremonial position, largely ignoring the obvious. Or just oblivious to it.

Jim Sheppard has the discipline, structure and respect of those around him that I think could unite the city admin and the police dept, and I truly believe he has nothing but the best ideas and commitment to those ideas to help bring the city out of the crapper it's in - even just a little would be a huge step in the right direction.

Rachel - if she runs it's only to write a sequel.

# 8. 12/10/16 9:49 PM
Rachel, go away. California or Vermont would welcome you with open arms.

# 9. 1/13/17 11:11 AM by Georgia - Rochester, NY
thumbsdown.gif I am a life long resident of Rochester. I am also black. I really wish people would stop lumping all black people together. We are not a monolithic group. Lovely doesn't have a lock on the black vote. There are many of us who are not staunch Warren supporters. Although we want her to be successful, we will also consider other candidates. I think Jim should switch parties so the race will come down to the election and NOT be decided in the primary. If he loses the primary, we can always vote Alex White in the general election.

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