Written November 30, 2016     

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# 1. 11/30/16 8:54 AM
Why would she change her ways? The biggest travesty is the continuance of her annual salary of $173.700. It's spitting in the taxpayer's face. We've committed no crime, yet we pay the price.

# 2. 11/30/16 9:18 AM by 104
She has to decide whether she wants to be a judge or a drunk, but she cannot be both. And if she wants to be drunk, she has to learn not to drive when she is busy being a drunk. Even the bums downtown have much more character than she does because they quit driving a long time ago. Regardless of what color or background you may be, you are NOT fit to be judge anymore. How can you pass judgment on other people when you can't even bring yourself to make a real, meaningful choice in your own life?

# 3. 11/30/16 10:08 AM
Wait, she is black? Nothing will happen to her.

# 4. 11/30/16 10:25 AM by Fgf - Rochester
I was talking to someone who worked with her when she was an ADA and had positive things to say about her. She also said that she was a non drinker when she knew her so possibly she was in recovery and relapsed. Addiction is a disease that we are unfortunately still treating with methods from the 1940's. The best thing for her would be for the Court to order her into an inpatient treatment program before she loses not only her Judgeship but her law license. There should be procedures in place though to limit how long a salary is paid to a Judge who is unable to work.

# 5. 11/30/16 10:32 AM by Bob - Canadice, NY
She needs help, and God, because this is a terrible disease. Maybe the $175 k could be held for use in her rehabilitation. That would be a better use of taxpayer money.

# 6. 11/30/16 4:32 PM by Mike - Stafford, NY
thumbsup.gif Just another Affirmative Action situation - on steroids.

# 7. 11/30/16 7:30 PM by CB - Rochester
thumbsdown.gif Enough is enough Bob. Disease, weakness, genetics, single-parent family....so what! Get her off the bench, off the dole and into court ordered rehab...on her own dime. Hopefully she has put some of that salary into a 401k or into investments and she can pay for her own treatment just like everybody else. She is law breaking and immature. She was elected to a high position and has abused her privilege. Her flippant comments to the cameras have proven her to be without remorse. The State needs to consider her attitude and remove her. She fancies herself to be above the law. Like others before her, she violates the very system that she swore to uphold. Enough of this "special class". You said it right. She had a chance to be a role model for others. But whether drugs, alcohol, greed, the perception of power (or all) she sees herself as a part of a privileged status. In a time when people lose their jobs over Facebook comments, this woman needs to recognize her multiple mistakes and own up. Thank God that she hasn't hurt anybody...yet.

# 8. 11/30/16 8:04 PM by Gary - Brighton, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob, you always write great columns anyway....but this was one of your best. Being aware of Ms. Estacio's reckless behavior outside her courtroom is bad enough, but seeing her blow chance after chance that she has been given afterwards is a kick in all of our respective heads. She needs to stop strutting around with a mischievous smile on her face, her butt sticking out in short skirts, with a cocky attitude like she is better than everyone else.

# 9. 11/30/16 11:23 PM by John - Rochester
thumbsup.gif If I may add to the commentary. . . I've heard it said that an alcohol problem (generally given the medical term "alcoholism") is but a symptom of something underlying the afflicted individual. In most cases, from what I've heard said, that underlying problem is an inflated ego coupled with an inferiority complex. Not the easiest thing to untangle. . . But, again, I've heard it said that the "key" to recovery lies in finding the ability to truly see yourself - in a starkly honest fashion. If you're blessed with that "awakening", then there is hope. . .

# 10. 12/1/16 12:04 AM by dave
And your next private conversation should be about showing respect for her position, the bench and the court by dressing as a professional, and not as one from an older profession. Like my wife asked, "Wait, is she going clubbing after court?"

# 11. 12/1/16 8:13 AM by John
Alcoholism isn't a disease. Take away the booze and the "disease" is gone. People with cancer should have it so easy.

Being a drunk is a weakness of character. Get your !*&!@ together, Leticia.

# 12. 12/1/16 9:09 AM
She can have my compassion or she can have my tax dollars. But she doesnt get both.

# 13. 12/3/16 7:54 AM by Skippy
What makes you think "she is better than that?"

She's not..


# 14. 12/4/16 7:53 AM by Mary - Baldwinsville
thumbsup.gif Tough, but so true! Needed particularly around any holiday, but particularly Christmas. The baby born to SAVE the world from themselves. for the spiritual....the sophisticated, the simple.... He came to give LIFE real life...and eternal life. Jesus, the Christ, the son of the living GOD. Only He can fill you with JOy, LOVE, PEACE forgiveness for your sins. REAL POWER to live with all that beyond human understanding. the BEST GIFT!!! Jesus Do your own search...I did and He's never let me down.

# 15. 12/5/16 12:22 PM by JJ
This shows the unfairness of the system that she can still keep her salary. I'm sure that is written in the law for Judges. Same goes for our congress. At one time in this country, they received no salary, then a small salary but now all they do is vote consistently to increase their already inflated salary. There is a fake email chain though stating that Nancy Pelosi will receive an $803,700 annual pension plus free health care when she retires which is false. I can't believe how stupid some are to put out that crap or believe it!

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