Written December 27, 2016     

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# 1. 12/27/16 8:33 AM by Dr. Zygmunt Fraud
My diagnoses of someone named Carl is both that he (if not a trans)is BOTH sociopathic AND psychopathic! Go away Carl. Far, far away!

# 2. 12/27/16 8:38 AM by Christopher - Newport News, VA
I am all for truth, which sometimes hurts. But there is no need to be cruel. WWJD. He's become an embarrassment.

# 3. 12/27/16 9:05 AM by Mike Lobene - SPENCERPORT
thumbsup.gif Great Column, I also tend to lean to the conservative side. This guys is a lunatic and should be removed from his position and never heard from again.

# 4. 12/27/16 10:21 AM by dan - queens , ny
While in agreement , these conclusions are kinda prima facie and not really in need of such a detailed analysis .

Sorta like , just quote Paladino's comments floowed by a "Huh? ,say wah"?!

But I might add that while the condemnation is clearly appropriate , I find it interesting - disgustingly interesting - that endless similarly unacceptable comments have been directed at President Elect Trump and either at worst cheered on heartily or at best , just ignored by liberal hypocrites .

Interesting double standard - though in no way an exoneration to this clown .

# 5. 12/27/16 12:03 PM by Louis - East Rochester
Carl Paladino and Joe Errigo are just reminders of the fact that Republicans are the party of racists. The only difference between Carl and Joe and the other Republicans is that they're honest about their feelings.

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