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# 1. 1/14/17 4:42 PM by Marie - Scottsville NY
thumbsup.gif After retiring from the RPD, Mr. Sheppard also led security for the RCSD increasing training for school security. He knows the schools as well. He was a great support and never hid behind his position.

# 2. 1/14/17 5:15 PM by Mary Ellen Kenny - Palm Harbor, Fl (formerly Rochester)
thumbsup.gif 100% right Bob! I have known James Shepard for over 36 years (police academy classmates) He was a leader back then and has continued to be a great leader throughout the years. Honest, honorable, smart and fair. The immaturity and lack of professionalism on the part of his potential opponents is shocking and reflective of their being very threatened by the superior candidate. Rochester needs & deserves Shep for mayor!

# 3. 1/14/17 6:56 PM by David Haka - Rochester
thumbsdown.gif I wouldn't pay a bit of attention to what this countryboy buffoon has to say. As far as I'm concerned he has a "mickey mouse"radio program on a "mickey mouse" radio station in a "mickey mouse" city!!!!

# 4. 1/14/17 10:02 PM by Larry - Greece,NY
thumbsup.gif I'm not sure about your take here on "progressive principle". Isn't that what's made a mess of the city & country for that matter? I don't live in the city, but he does seem(what little I know)right for the job. I'm not sure who the white woman is who is running, but "Chief Ding a Ling"? How immature!

# 5. 1/15/17 1:31 AM by Steve - rochester
thumbsdown.gif No way, if Rochester wants a great mayor, Rachel Barnhart is the one.

# 6. 1/15/17 9:55 AM by Joe - Charlotte NY
thumbsup.gif I'm a registered Republican who will register Democratic to vote for Mr. Sheppard in the primary,because we all know that the Mayors race is won and lost in Rochester there.

# 7. 1/16/17 9:33 AM by Beth Moore - Canisteo, NY
If I was eligible to vote in your election it would be for Rachel Barnhart. I have followed her work for many years & wouldn't hesitate to put her in the Mayor's chair....one very smart lady that would make Rochester proud.

# 8. 1/16/17 5:53 PM by Will - Greece
I assume the "white lady" is Rachel. If so, I'd like to know when she or her campaign referred to Sheppard in those terms. I'd be very surprised.

# 9. 1/17/17 11:35 AM by Louis - East Rochester
thumbsup.gif It's very rare when I agree with Bob but Jim seems like a man that can give the Mayor's office a sense of respectability again. He strikes me as a straight shooter and I would be proud to vote for him if I lived in the city.

# 10. 1/17/17 11:59 AM by Ben Campanelli - Webster
thumbsup.gif Your endorsement of Jim Sheppard is logical and practical considering his background compared to the current potential candidates for mayor.

But logic and practicality in urban government is second to chasing reflex infusions of monies provided from other government sources for programmatic solutions to urban problems. Many of those programs are opportunistic, not logical or pragmatic in the bigger picture of urban life.

Until elected city officials and hired executives abandon go it the wells of others to get water instead of teaching its citizens how to dig wells, nothing will change.

The current caste system that freezes many city residents in its lower rungs by systemically preventing them from escape by growing equity is at the root of urban poverty. It's been that way since The Great Society era. A police chief here and there as Mayor will chase money for things like parcel 5. It will only reinforce the caste system.

Teaching people how to be a landlord so that some day they might bid on Parcel 5 is anothe matter.

# 11. 1/17/17 5:13 PM
Sheppard is by far the superior candidate. He is the only law and order candidate running and he has shown his leadership skills as chief. Warren is in her position as mayor by luck. She was lucky that many, many city residents were too lazy and stayed home. I don't think that will happen again and she will lose in a landslide. As far as Rachel, she will also be over her head in the position, as she has no experience. As I said when Trump said he was running for President, he will win and I never wavered. I will say that again, James Sheppard will easily win the primary and the election. Go Sheppard!

# 12. 1/17/17 8:16 PM by Michael - Pittsford
thumbsup.gif Given the political education and experience Chief Sheppard has received over the last few years I think you're right on with this writing. If anything was proven from this election it is the electorate is tired of ideologues with no real world practical leadership or experience will not win future elections. I'll take the experience and common sense over the "thinker" and inexperienced any time and anywhere. The comment about his white wife is exactly what is wrong with the Cities Democratic leadership. The electorate no longer wants to hear divisive, partisan, race card speech. The people have are either stuck here, or love it here, want a leader with solutions and compassion with passionate enthusiasm. That leader is Jim Sheppard.

Nice piece Bob.

Don't turn that compliment into a dirty comment!

# 13. 1/19/17 7:39 AM by 104
You just got nominated for something at WOTL! Free, all expense, full tilt trip to Trump Inauguration in DC. Precedential Suite at the Trump DC Post Office Luxury Hotel.

# 14. 1/23/17 11:04 AM by Jim Burger - Rochester, NY
Right on with Jim Sheppard, I agree that debating who had larger crowds is a waste of time, sometimes Trump should pick his battles better, however the press, the elite, and academia(probably the last 30 years) needs pushback and humbling for their actions over especially the last 8 years.

# 15. 1/30/17 11:08 AM by Bill - Rochester, New York
thumbsup.gif When he was still police chief, Mr. Sheppard came into our neighborhood to help us with an issue we had been having with a house filled with vagrants that was selling hard drugs.

He did wonderfully by us.

I support him 100%.

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