Written February 7, 2017     

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# 1. 2/7/17 3:47 AM by Steve - Kaysville, Utah
thumbsup.gif Bob, you have a great gift in being able to express yourself. In this case, to paint a vivid picture using the brush stroke of a pen with words and phrases as the pigment.

I've been following you for years and appreciate your talent and the things I learn from what you write.

God bless the USA, the military and the police that do such a marvelous job despite the dregs of society that mock them. Anne God bless Bob Lonsberry.

Thanks for showing the bravery and the American Way - at least how it used to be and the ways I long for again.

Your article may help edge things that way again.


# 2. 2/7/17 12:01 PM by Marty - Tax-me-very-much, NY
thumbsup.gif "WOW" I think the hand of god kept him from harm this night.

"Thank You God" for protecting this good man.

# 3. 2/7/17 2:24 PM by Kurt - Ogden
A sobering story, well told. Keep writing, Bob, I like to read you!


# 4. 2/7/17 6:00 PM by Beth Moore - Canisteo, NY
thumbsup.gif Ditto Steve.............

# 5. 2/7/17 9:25 PM
I could not say it better than Steve. God bless all First responders

# 6. 2/7/17 10:32 PM by RPD Officer's Mom - Rochester, Ny
thumbsup.gif A heartfelt thank you Bob. I am Joe's mom and I listen to you daily. Everyday I think of this horrible event and I feel sadness but my husband and I are thankful that our son's life was spared. We know that God was his protector that night just as he's been there throughout his police career. His wife was pregnant at the time of the shooting and sitting here typing this makes me feel sick inside knowing that our daughter-in-law could have been widowed and our granddaughter might not of ever gotten to know her father. She has Joey's blue eyes and Noelle's sweet lips .. what a beautiful combination! Our family is strong and supportive and we are praying that our son continues to get better everyday. Your commentary made me cry and that's okay .. it's part of the healing process and I truly appreciate that.

Life can change so quickly just as it did on that dreadful night in April but not just for us but for another family too. We will continue to hold each other close, keep the faith and love one another as we always do. So many people have thought of us and have kept us in their prayers and we appreciate that. May God Bless all of you.

# 7. 2/8/17 7:17 AM by kodak_jack - Hilton
thumbsup.gif One of the best days in my son's career was when he was assigned to the accident investigation unit (AIU). When on the road, you never know what you're going to come up on. Domestic disputes are the worst. Now, in addition to all of the usual BS, the guys on road patrol, where he is, are working 12 hour shifts!!

# 8. 2/8/17 7:38 AM
It is sort of like the Army.

Sir! How much and what color, Sir!

# 9. 2/8/17 11:27 AM by Dave - Ogden
thumbsup.gif Heeeeeey Bob, I have two brothers who chose the career path of a peace officer. both have been in that field past the time needed to retire. Neither have had a desire to become Captain or Chief... neither of them like the politics of law enforcement. Unfortunately it is riddled with it. I sometimes wonder who is the bigger enemy to the beat officer, civilian criminals or those inside the bureaucracy? I am glad that those who choose this profession do what they do... but today among the lightening quick responses they must make, they must also weigh public perception, the camera puts everything on display, every action to public comment and criticism. Thank God this officer made it through his shift. I pray that he will make it through the next set off attacks that will surely come his way. God bless and protect the thin Blue line!

# 10. 2/9/17 2:03 PM by Dale - Utah
thumbsup.gif The police just don't get paid enough.

I am glad there are people out there willing to risk their lives on a daily basis so most of us can be about our business.

Thanks Bob.

# 11. 2/12/17 8:00 PM by Chelsie Grotosky - Queens, NY
thumbsup.gif God forbid the officer did not kill the perp. Then we'd be reading quotes in the paper about how good of a boy he was, and there would be BLM protest marches at the liberty pole.

# 12. 2/19/17 10:52 AM by Michelle
This is my brother. This is his story. I haven't been able to wrap my head around nor have I heard all the details from that night. But this was written wonderfully and has helped (at least me as his sister) better understand and help deal. Thank you.

# 13. 2/19/17 8:26 PM by Paulette Veltz - Rochester ny
Thank you Bob for sharing your explanation and impressions of what happened that night on Immel st in the city of Rochester.. Until this time when I read your words, I did not have a clear picture of what happened to my son-inlaw, Officer Joseph Ferrigno. Yes, he has told us the story, but because he was trying to protect us, we did not have a clear picture,just that someone tried to take his life. Reading what you wrote, shook me to the core, as I imagined my daughter and her now 6 month old child without this wonderful husband and father in their life. I thought of his mom and dad, his sister, niece and nephew and all of the others who love him, and how their lives would never be the same without him. You humanized him, he became a living, breathing person who is more then just a cop. I hope that everone who reads you words, will see not only Joey, but every officer, EMT, fireman or any first responder as a person who deserves to be treated with respect, and to be thankful that we have these everyday heros in our lives to make sure we are safe.and secure. Thank you Bob from the bottom of my heart for opening our eyes.

# 14. 2/21/17 12:45 PM by Cheryl Griggs - Hilton, NY
thumbsup.gif I read this and chills went up my back. Too many of us don't realize that this happens everyday to many police officers in many cities. I am grateful for their service.

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