Written February 23, 2017     

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# 1. 2/23/17 8:24 AM by Roger - Hilton, NY
thumbsup.gif All this goes on while the city gets poorer when the feds take away much needed funds

# 2. 2/23/17 9:58 AM by LoisLane - Webster
City taxpayers should refuse to pay their property taxes and imprisoned legal residents should be freed from prisons. What's good for illegals is good for the legal residents. Rochester and Warren are both a joke, a sad joke.

# 3. 2/23/17 12:33 PM by Bill H - Rochester
thumbsup.gif I wonder how the folks that praise the sanctuary cities would feel if a town somewhere in New York said that they were going to be a sanctuary city against the SAFE act or even federal gun regulations?

# 4. 2/23/17 1:43 PM by eschrichge - Webster
thumbsup.gif If the Rochester elected officials refuse to enforce the laws of the United States as they pertain to illegal aliens, then they should resign. Hopefully, the Federal Government will move forward with withholding our tax dollars until such time as all our laws are enforced, not just the ones the City of Rochester see fit.

# 5. 2/23/17 4:51 PM
It is all up to the voters if they would just make up their minds. Trump proves that.

# 6. 2/23/17 5:39 PM by LoisLane - Webster
Please do a column on how all workers will have to pay for Family Leave for others when they don't need it or already get it from their company. No wonder the middle-class is shrinking; the local, state, and federal government keep taking from their paychecks to keep the under-class satisfied. No doubt it will be on a scaling fee so make more, pay more.

# 7. 2/23/17 6:05 PM by Kevin
Well said. I'm tired of Rochester being known as a has-been city. What is it, exactly, that we do here these days?

On a good day, it's a cool city with a lot to do, but step into the fringes, and your safety is at risk. I'm sure those streets you comfortably jog on in the daylight would be off your list at night.

Rochester is a dump. A fraction of what it once was. Time for new management.

BTW, I'm a Clinton voting democrat. The Lovely experiment is over.

# 8. 2/23/17 8:37 PM by JP - Perinton
thumbsup.gif The most ridiculous thing about the "city" sanctuary is that the people who are convicted of crimes in the city end up in the Monroe County Jail, which is not a sanctuary....

# 9. 2/23/17 9:59 PM
Trump promised he would stop federal funding to sanctuary cities. He needs to step up and make that happen. No excuses.

# 10. 2/24/17 7:46 AM
Don't worry little snowflake Rachel is going to fix everything.

# 11. 2/24/17 8:14 AM by Bill - Rochester
Right on target, excellently written and great points as usual.

# 12. 2/24/17 8:51 AM by Ed - Hilton, nY
thumbsup.gif These politicians are hired to protect legal Americans, instead they put illegal aliens first so they can feel good about themselves. If your son or daughter is killed by one of the illegals protected by this policy they are considered acceptable collateral damage. When the federal government stops funds to Rochester because of this new status the politicians responsible should be sued for the loss.

# 13. 2/24/17 9:49 AM by Poplar Beach
I don't get it Bob, I have been listening to you for what seems like forever and nothing seems to change in Rochester, unless it gets worse. Where in hell is the common sense for the city leaders, that they can not see your logic, my logic, seemingly anyone with a brain's logic. How can they pad their own wallets, pat their own backs, preserve their own power while the people they claim to lead suffer such depravity?

It can not be that they are that stupid, it must be that their selfish motives control their lives, at the detriment of all others, I don't know how they can sleep at night

# 14. 2/24/17 8:58 PM by Mudd - Wayne County.
thumbsup.gif Rochester sucks. No one wants to live there anymore, or ever again. I am in Florida now. Happy here, read 9 people shot in in Rottenchester this week. Sounds like a fun place to stay away from. Sanctuary city? Give us a break, only in ugly warrens mind.

# 15. 2/26/17 8:36 AM by Gberry - Rochester
thumbsup.gif Spot on Bob! As our city rots this liberal shrill continues to bury us. Violence, decaying family morals, lack of jobs haunt us everyday. She's more worried about people who have no right to be here than her own constituents. We need true political change for Rochester by electing a Republican Conservative. The Democrats have ruined this beautiful city of ours for decades and it's going to get worse wait and see.

# 16. 2/28/17 11:44 AM by Gerald - Rush
thumbsup.gif What else can we expect from an administration run by liberal Democrats. Why can some of us see that with all of the do good program efforts they put forth, nothing has changed. And they still don't get it.

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