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# 1. 3/24/17 4:56 AM
Put me in charge and I'll straighten that mess out in one day. What I would do would probably anger most people. Now what Trump has to do is to first get their attention. And once he gets their attention, he needs to continue draining the swamp. Time is a wastin', fools!

# 2. 3/24/17 8:10 AM by Jim Phalen - Rochester, NY
I share your frustration and perhaps improvement would be the better course but it still greatly bothers me that somehow this Obamacare drama should have become an example of blatant excessive government over reach. To only partially or slightly pull it back appears to leave us open to even more future social engineering.

# 3. 3/24/17 8:14 AM by Mark - Greece
It's only embarrassing if you are wrong. We did not send our representatives to the Hill to vote in lockstep with their party, they are there to try to secure our best interests. The Dems voted as one for Obamacare and will do likewise against Trumpcare out of party loyalty only. They would do likewise even if this plan gave full, free coverage to 100% of Americans. The Republicans voted against ACA because it stank, and those who do so this time will for the same reason. While it may seem like a tough pill to swallow, isn't it nice to know that there is still some integrity in government and that the 'swamp' is not totally polluted? Remember, you take that tough pill because it is good for you.

Editor's Note: that must be some good tasting kool aid.

# 4. 3/24/17 8:32 AM by Steve - Granville, Ohio
Since when did this become the "Trump Health Care Plan"? In reality, it is a piss-poor excuse for eliminating Obamacare that was lamely dreamed up by wishy-washy Republicans in the House who forgot that they were put in the majority to get rid of Obamacare, not add minor tweaks that do nothing to lower health care costs or avoid further Trillions in government debt. They appeared so scared of upsetting the people who didn't (and never will) vote for them that they are cheating those of us who did vote for them from a decent health care system free of government interference and regulation, and the resulting cost escalation and elimination of actual realistic health insurance that is resulting from Obamacare and hwich your so-called "Trumpcare" won't stop.

# 5. 3/24/17 9:22 AM by Shane
Trump's claim to fame is as a great deal maker. I guess he didn't realize that when he became president he lost his best asset in deal making, being a bully. Republican lawmakers fear the wrath of their base more than they fear Trump.

# 6. 3/24/17 9:25 AM by Matt
Trump is done. It's the weekend and he wants to go to Florida at our expense. Let someone else do the heavy lifting.

# 7. 3/24/17 9:30 AM by Carl - west wayne
thumbsup.gif Your are spot on Bob.

# 8. 3/24/17 9:31 AM by Tony
Apparently, Trump threatens to leave the ACA in place if Republicans don't pass the bill today, as if that's going to intimidate the Republicans. His initial threat the other day how he'll go after Republicans if they don't vote and pass the bill didn't seem to work.

# 9. 3/24/17 9:33 AM by Frankie
So much for "The Art of the Deal".

# 10. 3/24/17 10:11 AM by jodi - wayne county east
Ryan Care is Lima beans mixed with crap.

That being said the true conservatives should hold out as long as they can to get the best deal then when a vote is forced look their constituents in the eye and tell them it's Lima beans with crap in it but it's better than pure crap and the best Speaker Ryan was willing to give. Next tell them if it is passed it will eventually fail as well and place that coming failure right at the feet of Ryan and the moderate Republicans. The close your eyes, hold your nose and vote for it because it's the best these brainless, spineless moron's can muster and at least it's not pure crap.

# 11. 3/24/17 10:33 AM by Josh J. Porte - Fairport, NY
thumbsup.gif I think they should table the "pathetic effort" and leave Obama "care" in place. Let it implode and give Obama the credit he is due. About fixing it when the time comes? We need to replace the current DC members with some intelligence. Let the next election be the peoples response.

# 12. 3/24/17 2:21 PM by Linda
Tomorrow's Headlines: "Comrade Trump and Lyin'Ryan Save Obamacare".

# 13. 3/24/17 2:31 PM by Lee, LPN - Greece, NY
The trouble with that middle-of-the-road business is that both sides of the aisle gets to crap on me tax-wise and complicate my life regulation-wise. Nobody seems interested in making life better for the majority, just themselves & their cronies. OK, do that, focus on yourselves & your cronies, but leave the rest of us alone! We got enough troubles without our 'fearless leaders' getting in on the act.

# 14. 3/24/17 4:30 PM
Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, John McCain, and other prominent Republicans are the epitome of hypocrisy. As are many prominent Democrats too. They are un-American to say the very least. Drain the swamp quickly, Donald! Time is a wastin'! Soon there will no longer be ANY time left! The "mandate" that elected Trump needs to take the reigns and speak up, or forever hold their peace.

# 15. 3/24/17 6:11 PM
You are directly to blame for incident involving ICE, the Guatemalans and the Genesseo police officer last night.

Bigotry broadcast large is unbecoming in one as ostentatiously religious as you.

Editor's Note: at some point you progs are going to have to start taking the crackers down, huh? in the name of righteousness.

# 16. 3/24/17 7:14 PM by Mike - Shevlin
Maybe it is time that this country started looking at universal health care for everyone. We need go no farther than Canada to see how it is done. In this day and age it is almost a necessity for everyone to have availability to health care without going into bankruptcy to access it.

# 17. 3/24/17 8:06 PM by Dan
Your boy could not come up with anything better than something that was flawed. I feel bad for all of you that bought Trump's line of horse!*&!@ hook line and sinker. It's only going to get worse. Wait until that wall idea crumbles like a cheap cake.

# 18. 3/25/17 9:30 AM by george eckhardt - palmyra,ny
thumbsdown.gif bob, it's not the end of the world.i'm 72 and lived thru past presidents who made a lot of bigger mistakes.the republican's will regroup and decide what is tolerable for the American people.the sun will rise,spring is around the corner and we will get up and go to work and love our families. George eckhardt

# 19. 3/26/17 8:35 AM by gary - bergen
It is an embarrassing day to be an American.

# 20. 3/26/17 6:18 PM by Jim - Rochester
thumbsdown.gif There is no better option than the ACA. All the Republicans want to do is provide for the wealthy and screw over everyone else. There needs to be limits on what the health insurers can charge for their premiums, or better yet, nationalise all health companies and combine them with medicaid. The health industry needs to be purged of the desire for profit and replaced with the Christian notion of helping our neighbour.

Editor's Note: you're confusing jesus christ and karl marx

# 21. 3/27/17 2:41 PM by DB - Rochester
"Unwilling to accept 80 percent, they are going to get zero percent.

And the American people are going to suffer.

Failure to pass Trumpcare – even as an intermediate step in a longer process – is to make Obamacare permanent. It is to weld the chains of a failed policy around the health and wellbeing of Americans who voted four months ago for exactly the opposite thing."

Two things, Bob. 0% of a bad bill is better than 80-100% of a bad bill. The AHCP was a bad bill and not better than the ACA. Americans would have suffered if the bill had been passed. Their health and well-being would have diminished. Period. I would love to hear someone demonstrate otherwise.

Second, as you say, governing happens in the middle by the majority. The majority of the people did not vote to repeal and replace the ACA. Though the "majority" did not vote for Hillary Clinton, more people did vote for her than Donald Trump. The Republican party has "a majority" if you are merely counting seats, but it is far from a unified party. It does not represent a majority of Americans.

And don't call it Trumpcare. Trump didn't author a word of it. He came up with 0% of it. All he did was say, "Step in line, vote for it, or else," and demanded that a vote take place. He had, and still has no plan. And as we found out, neither did the House Republicans, beyond a tax and spending cut plan disguised as a healthcare bill. You can call it healthcare if you want, but its still a tax cut and a spending cut, with greater costs to those most in need. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You can call it "Freedom", too. But it was still just a proverbial pig with lipstick that was rightfully put out to pasture.

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