Written April 3, 2017     

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# 1. 4/3/17 3:52 AM
Apparently about the classic conflict between a man and a son. It seems to never change. What the sons don't quite get until it is too late is that their fathers never seem to learn until it is too late either. More alike or more different? Best place sometimes to find the real answers is inside. Deep inside. Almost at the cellular or molecular level.

# 2. 4/3/17 4:11 AM
Bruce is so full of himself. If I would have met his father I probably would have walked away figuring his dad was a pretty nice guy for even having put up with Bruce in the first place. Mother and son stuff much more complex. But, as we are taught and as we well know, nice guys finish last. Sometimes. I would have been totally satisfied with my dad even if he didn't quite fit into one of my helicopters.

# 3. 4/3/17 5:19 AM by MikeNTNY - North Tonawanda, NY
thumbsdown.gif Hey Bob, I used to like the music of Bruce Springsteen a lot. Now I don't like him or his music. He is just another left wing phony. His comments about the NRA and it's members were full of hate and prejudice. Why celebrities think the values they have are more valid than anybody else I do not know.

# 4. 4/3/17 5:27 AM by Joe - Greece,NY
thumbsdown.gif "It is, like his songs and concerts, too long..." like this review!

Editor's Note: not an accident

# 5. 4/3/17 6:35 AM by Dave - Webster
thumbsdown.gif Bob, love your show, respect your opinion, but brucie boy did his best to give us Hillary, thank GOD he failed. I won't be listening to his book.

# 6. 4/3/17 6:56 AM by Jodi - wayne county east
Would have never guessed a famous progressive performer being a narcissist.

# 7. 4/3/17 10:19 AM by Big B
I was a young kid in the Air Force when Born to run came out and I felt then it was a spit in my face and my opinion of that song and Bruce has not changed since then. I didn't need him then and I don't miss him now.

# 8. 4/3/17 9:00 PM by Sherry - Buffalo, ny
thumbsdown.gif Please.....just go kill yourself, Bob. You're nothing but a dumb ass Mormon, you hateful piece of !*&!@. Get a life, coward.

# 9. 4/3/17 9:04 PM by Sherry - Buffalo, Ny
thumbsdown.gif Holy sh*t, Bob.....nine children???? Way to pollute the gene pool you idiot.

# 10. 4/3/17 10:49 PM by Rick - Buffalo, NY
thumbsdown.gif Never did care much for Springsteen so I won't be reading his book. That's not to say I would discourage anyone else from reading it. For reading books good or bad makes you that much wiser. The one book I believe should be mandatory reading for every young male entering adolescence is "WILL" written by Gordon G. Liddy a true American hero.

# 11. 4/3/17 11:29 PM by Prick - Webster, NY
Hey Sherry,

First of all Bruce doesn't sing, he yells. He's only made one really good song---"The Rising". And calling anyone an idiot while you live in Buffalo is moronic.

# 12. 4/4/17 4:50 AM by Steve Thompson - Addison NY
Sherry, sounds like you need two Mennonite..

# 13. 4/4/17 4:55 PM by Che Guevara's Bones - Salty City, Utah

I think SHERRY by the FOUR SEASONS was a BIIIIIG hit in Buffalo,NY.

# 14. 4/4/17 11:29 PM by geralyn - fairport, ny
Please......Sherry....try to be a civil lady. Let's really try to rise up and have intelligent conversation and discourse.

Is it really necessary to point this out today?

# 15. 4/5/17 11:38 AM by phelpschick - phelps ny
thumbsup.gif @sherry from buffalo: Bruce, is that you?

# 16. 4/12/17 12:51 PM by Mike - Geneseo, NY
thumbsup.gif Enjoyed your review! If you want to check out another rock n' roll memoir, I recommend "Testimony" by Robbie Robertson. I'm a fan of the Band in general and of Robertson in specific, and his writing, IMNSHO, did a great job of immersing you in his life experience....the people he met who went on to become famous (Jimi Hendrix, Carly Simon), what it was like to leave home and "pay your dues" as a musician, etc. It's also nice that the book reads pretty quickly as well.

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