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Benghazi is not like Watergate.

It’s worse.

But it won’t have the same end.

In Benghazi, American military specialists, hurrying to relieve other Americans under fire, were twice ordered not to.

In Benghazi itself, they ignored the order and saved dozens. In Tripoli, they had to obey, and two brave former SEALS died as a result.

Let me repeat. American men at arms, ready and eager to go to the aid of their countrymen, were, in two separate incidents, ordered to stand down.

Two separate conscious decisions were made to let Americans die. The fundamental ethic of the American armed forces – leave no man behind – was violated.

We didn’t scramble jets, we didn’t send over the special operators from Tripoli, we didn’t come in from our Mediterranean fleet or our Italian bases, we didn’t fire a missile or divert a drone.

We didn’t even ask the Israelis or the Egyptians for help.

We just wrote them off. It’s not surprising that two more Americans died as a result, it’s surprising that only two more Americans died as a result.

When our government decided to do nothing to relieve besieged Americans, the issue was not two former SEALS, it was the survival of dozens of our countrymen. The compound under attack was providing refuge to a great many Americans, and as terrorists and their munitions surrounded those Americans, our government decided to stand down.

That is incomprehensible.

For the first time in our history, the demonstrated attitude of our government is that Americans are expendable.

That’s the first big thing.

The second is that the American government willfully, repeatedly and purposely lied to the American people.

Contrary to what we now know was the government’s understanding at the time, the Obama Administration denied terrorist involvement, spun some complete lie about an anti-Muslim movie, and purposely and significantly distorted and misreported what had happened.

Pressed on it, the secretary of State yelled at Congress. Asked to explain, the White House spokesman complained of partisanship.

And yesterday, in front of the TV cameras, in an open meeting, the No. 2 diplomat in Libya demonstrated under oath the dishonesty and dishonor of the administration.

And it all means nothing.

The press and the Democrats have characterized the entire inquiry as Republican hate mongering, some species of semi-racism undergirding any opposition to or disagreement with Barack Obama.

In the end, this won’t move the needle of public approval or public policy.

Which is how this is different from Watergate. In that criminal attempt to influence an election, the president’s party turned against him. In this criminal attempt to influence an election, the president’s party will stick with him.

Nixon fell because Republicans of conscience refused to tolerate his immoral and illegal activity. Obama will stand because Democrats have no conscience.

In the case of Nixon, Democrats opposed him universally before Watergate. The only shift in public thinking – the shift that pushed him out – was among Republicans. In the case of Obama, Democrats supported him universally before Benghazi. There will be no shift in their thinking. He will not be pushed out.

In fact, it is likely that among his supporters, he will become more popular, as the narrative of victimhood is wrapped around the poor president being beaten up by the hateful Republicans.

There is no record of an administration sacrificing citizens’ lives and patently lying to the American people. Obama holds the record on that.

And he is going to hold his office, too.

Not because he did the right thing, but because he’s got the right supporters. Supporters to whom party is more important than propriety.

It’s not about America, it’s about partisanship.

And dying is part of life.

Get over it.

And hope there’s something left of America when this monster gets done with it.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2013

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